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A design project between Artur Stanislaw Wozniak and
 Luca Maria Gallo

Evolution, not revolution

For almost three centuries of history, the design of the violin has remained unchanged. We still continue to use the beautiful baroque form with only minor changes made to produce new violins.

Artur Stanislaw Wozniak, Designer from Oslo, Norway along with his friend Luca Maria Gallo, Master Luthier from Cremona, Italy, decided to challenge the existing violin design paradigm. After an initial meeting in the spring of 2018, a cooperative project was launched based on a design presented by Artur in autumn of that same year.

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New meets classical

As far as we know, the design of our patented new standard violin has no equal the world over. Better still, the violin carries an amazing uncompromising sound! It was a magical design journey and a most poetic design process where 300 years of violin making tradition met modern Scandinavian Design.

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