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How does the design stand out from traditional violins?

There are a few visible differences in our new standard violin compared to existing classical violins.


The Oslo Cremona violin

The classical violin

The Sound

The new violin reflects our search for soft, mild yet powerful sound. It allows soloists to show all their musical abilities and feelings but also easily integrate with traditional violins in an orchestra or chamber ensemble.

The Body

The whole body of the instrument is simplified while retaining all dimensions and the main form of a traditional violin. Changes in design are significant while still allowing the instrument to coexist discreetly and harmoniously in an orchestra alongside traditional violins.

The Head

The violin head or “baroque scroll”, was replaced with a simpler but elegant form while maintaining all ergonomic and functional properties. The tuning pegs combine traditional wood and design incorporating fine mechanics for precision tuning and effortless use, like a guitar.

The F-holes

The F-holes are obviously different but the sound projection surface measurements are the same as those in a classical violin.